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Editorial Board - IJASR

Prof. Dr. Andrey Miroshnichenko
Profile Link: Dr Andrey Miroshnichenko

Prof. Dr. Andrey Miroshnichenko
School of Engineering and Information Technology, UNSW, Canberra,
Northcott Drive, Campbell, ACT 2600, Australia
Email: andrey.miroshnichenko@unsw.edu.au
Contact No: +61-02-6268-9571
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University of New South Wales Canberra

Research Area:
Nanophotoncis, nonlinear optics, optoelectronics, light-matter interaction, fano resonances

Dr Sheo Kumar Mishra
Profile Link: Dr Sheo Kumar Mishra
Dr Sheo Kumar Mishra
Associate Professor
Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, Amarkantak
Email: mishra_sheo@rediffmail.com
Mob No: +91-9415914029
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University in Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh

Research Area:
Solution Chemical Synthesis, doping, structural, electronic and optical properties, Photovoltaic and Energy harvesting devices, organic material for Optoelectronics Applications, compounds specially ZnO NWs and Nanostructures for Photodetectors and SolarCell Applications: Photoconductivity & Photoluminescence.

Profile Link: Jiban SHRESTHA
Scientist (Plant Breeding and Genetics)
Agriculture Botany Division, Khumaltar, Lalitpur under Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC), Singh Durbar Plaza, Kathmandu, Nepal
Email: jibshrestha@gmail.com
Contact No: +9779808037472
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Nepal Agricultural Research Council, Nepal

Research Area:
Bio-chemistry, Statistics, Crop physiology, Crop Science, Crop Production, Plant Breeding, Agronomy, Plant protection, Biotechnology, Entomology

Dr. Javed Dr. Javed
Scientist, Ministry of Agriculture
Abu Garib, Baghdad, Iraq
Tel.  +964-7801252647
Email:  jaw_hasan@yahoo.com

Ministry of Agriculture

Research Area:
Rural developement, climate change, agriculture

Prof. Dr. Joydeep Dutta
Profile Link: Prof. Dr. Joydeep Dutta

Prof. Dr. Joydeep Dutta
Professor, Functional materials
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
Email: joydeep@kth.se
Contact No: +46 8 790 81 42
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KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Research Area:
photocatalysis, solar cells, capacitive deionization, water treatment, gas sensors, CO oxidation, Bio-paints, hydrogen production

Timothy Randhir
Profile Link: Timothy Randhir
Timothy Randhir
Department of Environmental Conservation
University of Massachusetts, USA
Tel.  413-545-3969
Email: randhir@eco.umass.edu; trandhir@gmail.com
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University of Massachusetts

Research Area:
watershed management, water quality, ecological economics, dynamic modeling and optimization, spatial analysis and simulation, complex systems, Institutional economics, GIS-Internet-Simulation interfacing, systems modeling, climate change, land use policy, international trade and development, common pool resource management, nonpoint source pollution, and natural resources policy and management

Manoj Khandelwal
Profile Link: Manoj Khandelwal

Manoj Khandelwal
Faculty of Science and Technology
School of Engg. and Information Technology
Federation University
Email: m.khandelwal@federation.edu.au
Tel: +61 3 5327 9821
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Federation University

Research Area:
Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, Rock Blasting, Environmental Geotechnology, Slope Stability, Ground Control

Suresh Gadde
Profile Link: Suresh Gadde

Suresh Gadde
Adjunct Professor
Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology
University of Ottawa
Email: Suresh.Gadde@uottawa.ca
Tel: 613-562-5459
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University of Ottawa

Research Area:
Translational nanomedicine; Targeted nanotherapeutics; Biomaterials; Intravital imaging; Cancer; Atherosclerosis; Inflammation; Antiviral nanotherapies

Shafi Mohammad Tareq
Profile Link: Shafi Mohammad Tareq

Shafi Mohammad Tareq
Department of Environmental Sciences
Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Email: smtareq@yahoo.com ; smtareq@juniv.edu
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Jahangirnagar University Bangladesh

Research Area:
• Hydrobiogeochemistry and environmental changes • Environmental pollution and risk assessment • Soil science and geochemistry • Environmental impact assessment • Techniques in environmental analysis

Tilo Soehnel
Profile Link: Tilo Söhnel

Tilo Söhnel
Deputy Head of School (academic)
School of Chemical Sciences
The University of Auckland
New zealand
Email: t.soehnel@auckland.ac.nz ; tsoh003@aucklanduni.ac.nz
Tel: +64 9 923 9722
Web Links: ResearchGate Profile, ORCID ID

The University of Auckland

Research Area:
Solid State and Inorganic Materials Chemistry